My "Thank You" to the 219

Like many of you, I was drained and frustrated on Monday morning this week.  I needed a few days to absorb and process the event.  I was reading through the comments and someone mentioned how we should be thankful that Rep. Stupak and the other “pro-life” democrats had shown they really are nothing more than jackalopes.  They just don’t exist.  The idea of giving thanks, however, really resonated with me because I truly believe you go through some of your greatest lows before you reach the pinnacle of success.  This piece of horrid legislation and the perversion of the legislative process to bring it into being was a tipping point, not in their favor, but ours.  These tone deaf elected elites want to ignore the absolute tsunami of political energy they have initiated among the people.  We need to drown them, bathe them in that energy.  I wanted them to know they had had a positive affect in my life.  So, here is my thank you letter to the 219.  I faxed it to all 219 plus my two senators (Webb and Warner)and the White House.  I wanted them to know I’m not getting angry, I’m getting busy.  I think all of us should do the same in our own way.  Here is my letter: 


“I just wanted to drop a huge THANK YOU letter to all 219 Democratic representatives who voted for HR 3590 and the Obama Administration.


Until two years ago, I was only politically active on election day, i.e. I voted.  I had been politically sleepwalking.  All that changed with the 2008 Presidential election.  I could see the country moving in a direction that gave me serious pause for concern.  Being a former Marine, I knew my country needed me to serve again albeit in a different way.  By way of demographics, I am female, 44, gay, and a small business owner.


For the first time in my life, I volunteered phone banking, donated money, and attended my first local county party meeting.  I started reading blogs and making the occasional comment.  I began educating myself.


I just thought you would want to know how you (Congress) and the Administration have contributed to the awakening of one of the newest and active members of the Republican Party and TEA Party foot soldiers.  If not for the absolute travesty of governance you have foisted upon the American people, I would have continued “slouching towards serfdom.”


I am now an official member of the Republican Party.  I volunteered to be a Precint Committeeman, but my precint is already manned.  A disappointment to be sure, but what a “problem” to have.  All the precints in my district have leadership.  Now they have a backup,too.  I regularly give money to candidates of my choosing, like Matthew Berry who will defeat Rep. Moran in the fall or Alan West in FL-22.  I have given money to Scott Brown, Dave Hoffman, Marco Rubio, and, yes, I am a Sarah Palin fan.  I am studying Spanish, so I can spread the word to my workforce about true liberty, economic freedom, and the American Dream and how your Party is killing it.  My partner of 18 years is attending an elite Republican 9 month long workshop devoted to grooming up and coming women Republican leaders.  They normally only take 20, but the demand was so great thay accepted 40 applicants this time.  There are thousands out there like me and her.  We are legion now.  We understand we are at war.  We understand the nature of warfare.  We understand all politics is local.  We understand our enemy.  We are studying and watching you every day.


So, again, I say “Thank you” for awakening me and others from our slumber.  Thank you for reminding me that “Freedom” is not “free.”  Thank you for putting names and faces to my enemy.  Thank you for putting a match to the tinder that is liberty in this land.  We are ready, my fellow conservatives and I.  The question is are you?”