Face it Obama Won Reelection on the GW Tax Cuts

Arguably it must be one of the most redistributionist tax codes ever, with at least 47 % not paying net income taxes. Of course there other taxes available to pay: fuel taxes, tobacco taxes, social security taxes, capital gains taxes, dividend taxes.   At least up to the GW/ Kennedy tax breaks of 2003, most people had a net contribution?  No recession since the subprime market melt down. There isn’t a recession that can be pinned on this taxing scheme. Whereas, the Clinton tax codes may be guilty of two, bookending the dot net bubble.

In memory of the GW records before the CRA and subprime bubble burst: one of the lowest unemployment rates, highest revenues for the Treasury ever in 2007, one of the greatest wealth creation records ever were also on GW watch.

Obamacare allows the Koch brothers, and corporate interests, to spend more on Republicans and so called right wing causes.  All they have to do is turn all of their workers into part timers, with less than 30 hours a week, and presto, Obama has now relieved the Kochs of the health care costs of their workers, should they choose to exploit it.

After all of the hand wringing over the Koch brothers and corporations from the lefties, reminding them of this fact, is well- a Three Stooge type finger poke in their eye.

Who are the fat cat lawyers going to sue if a large majority of Doctors quit  when all of the Obama voters think they have free health insurance and flood medical offices for their ” free health care?”