Anti Obama partisan talking points

The 2003 tax cuts created jobs, 8 million worth and don’t get me started on how many were saved.-they have been wiped out in the last six months.

Since the minimum wage hikes started in 2007, unemployment rates have gone from 4.6% to 9.5%.  Its a leading cause of teen unemployment as well.

As Obama poll numbers go down the stock market goes up. In particular in relation to how traders perceive whether there taxes will go up.  See Thursday and Friday headlines this past weekend as the Healthcare bills were shelved until October according to Drudgereport headlines.  See July 30 rally numbers at there peak.

Green jobs, from Spain and California, 15%+ and California over 10% plus there are so such things as stimulative green jobs.   California’s Truckee area congressman noted that California’s jobless rate diverged to the negative side when AB32 was enacted- which now passes as the current Cap and Trade bill.

Waxman has been the power behind the Cap and Tax Congressional bill and the Healthcare reform bill.  Why would anyone let a  Rodeo Drive Congressman fight for Main Street, except a San Francisco Democrat? 

This is response to Bulls and Bears reaction to Obama’s speech in which he claimed credit for avoiding a depression.  THE CRISIS isn’t over, wait for the Commercial loan rewrites to occur in the next 18 months and watch the fur fly.

Name one stimulative policy that affects everyone that has been enacted. Corporate tax cuts, anyone? 

  Where’s the deficit numbers that was put off until August ( errWill it be ad infinitum?) 

Drilling for oil, Russians and Chinese are drilling for oil near Cuba, Angola has a pro drilling for oil policy, Nigerian has pro drilling for oil policy.

European Greens aren’t impressed by the watered down Cap and Tax bill, so how can we set the example for Green policies.

Why not set the example with deficit reductions in federal spending?