What to focus on next

Judging from the 2006 and 2008 crushing defeats, it’s obviously time to rebuild the GOP.

Where do we start? Again 2012 isn’t the answer. It won’t matter who the nominee is in 2012 if we don’t work for it starting tomorrow. Here is my list of priorities going forward.

Senate leadership

I like Kyl better than McConnell but really I think we need whoever will be better at organizing and blocking liberal excess in the Senate. This is our key battleground in stopping Obama and his Congressional allies. Also, we need someone who will be an effective spokesman in our efforts to redefine the Republican party in the minds of moderates and independents. Who do you think we should have as our Senate leadership?RNC Chairman

I think Newt would be the best for this, unless he is planning on running in 2012. We need to redefine the party in the minds of most voters. We need to re-organize our fundraising and we need an effective spokesman to put in front of the media. I think Newt is the best man for the job, but I think Fred and Romney could be very good as well. Since none of those three are likely, who do you think will be the best RNC Chairman?

Canidate Recruitment for 2010

We have a real chance to close the gap in the House and in the Senate, but how well we do will depend on candidate recruitment. Here is a quick list of Senate seats and potential candidates who could be game changers if we get them to run.

CA – Arnold

CO – John Elway

HI – Linda Lingle

IL – ??? No idea but whoever has the seat will have been appointed by a corrupt Governor and it will probably be a bitter Dem primary battle. Any ideas here?

NV – ??? Was going to say Porter, but it looks like he will be a 2008 casualty, and Guinn is too old. If Reid stays in leadership he will probably be a better target, but either way he will be vulnerable. Any ideas?

ND – Hoeven – This seat would be a tough pickup since Dorgan is popular, but it is the type of seat we win in a good GOP environment with a good candidate.

We would need to get a good candidate in KS in case Sebelius runs. Also we need to make sure our incumbents run, especially those in purple states like Grassley, Specter etc.

What other Senate candidates are vulnerable and who can we recruit?

After we do all of this then in January of 2011 let’s start to worry about 2012.