Watch out for the Senate proposal!

Congress can’t seem to do anything without some form of a “Punitive” mindset. If they can not create a public option that pays for itself, than they should not create one. Making Insurance companies pay for this will only increase the cost of insurance.




Again, the emphasis is on what best suits the cost failure within the government programs, without much regard to ordinary citizens.  Why shouldn’t all Congressmen and Senators take a 30 to 50% pay cut and cut down on their benefits.  Their money and benefit savings could go directly into the public option plan! It’s time for them to cough up.


Tax payers already pay for those who aren’t insured through various forms. There is a tax base currently in use for this very thing.  What is now being devised is an attempt of the Government to find ways to free up money or tax dollars (that they collect) so they can use it for other things. Those tax dollars will not be returned to, or applied for, use in cutting medical costs. You will be lulled into footing the bill for another government program that requires Medical Insurance Companies to *cover* the expense of the uninsured. This will mean higher Insurance costs for the insured.


When the government talks about cutting costs, it is a reference to cutting their costs not yours.  The agenda is always to have you pay more in order to feed their gluttony.


Perhaps Nancy Pelosi could auction her $70,000 pearl necklace for the initial start up of the public option.