It's Sunday night

I find that I have swung 2 to 3 levels to the right on the political spectrum. I have passed beyond the “Libertarian” point of view. I have not yet reached the “Nationalism” level. I suppose I am right smack dab on the “Reactionary” line. Obviously this is of great concern to me. I do not desire to swing any further right.

I am compelled to fight (as all reactionaries will do) against the attack on our governing system. In a negative way most reactionaries of the past fought to hold on to a monarchy or aristocracy. Today I stand to fight for the survival of the American democratic republic,and the constitution.

I take a stand that, the United States is the best governing country in the world. I delight in the Lord that our founding Fathers sought and believed in the divine providence that ushered their venture to the new world. I delight that God in his glory established the new country to be a beacon of light unto the world, a city upon a hill.

It is a sad time now that communism has made an internal attack against the U.S. We should not forget that the Black Panther Party(new and old) is in fact a communist party. We should not forget that the Black Panther Party sent their members over to Vietnam to fight against our troops during the war. We should not take lightly, that Black Panther members hold seats in congress. That Bobby Rush can be a congressman to me is shameful.

Khalid Al Mansour helped fund Obama’s (adult) Harvard education and he also mentored the leaders of the Black Panther Party of the 60’s. Should not the Black Panther Party members and their affiliates be disqualified from public office for their previous acts of treason. It should not stand for an enemy or friend of the enemy of the U.S. to be commander in chief of the U.S. military or hold a position in public office.

The quest of a reactionary is to ignite a spark. A spark to fight in order to hold onto what we have been granted. To fight at all costs. I solicit the aid of those to my right side and to those on my left. I do not solicit aid unto myself. As King David could not wear Saul’s armor neither can anyone suppose to know another individuals destiny. God knows, he formed you in your mothers womb. This we can know:

Are you a warrior? A mighty man of valour? – Fight with determination to win and be prepared to die.

Are you a writer? Write with a purpose and with persuasion. Keep the line of communication open.

Are you a judge? Judge righteously.

Are you a capitalist? Remember the afflicted and the poor and stretch your hand out to the needy.

Are you a Christian? Preach the truth. Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Are you a watchman? Blow the trumpet. Sound the alarm when danger is near. Warn the people.

These are truths for all to bear, however, your unique position empowers you with unique persuasion and ability. Let God be glorified in all things.

The American church lies on it’s porch like a neutered dog without passion. While Christians around the world are dying for Christ the American church is content to appease a civil society. It does not the speak the outrageous or radical ideas that Christ taught. Christ taught to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars,and unto God the things which belong to God. It seems as though most things are rendered unto Caesar and we forget what belongs to God.

Unfortunately America is feverishly adopting communism (anti-Christianity). I find as I become a reactionary Christian I can not contain an uncontrollable fire which burns within. I can not stop from speaking truths even if it incites war. Jesus did not change his message that he came to lead captivity captive and set the captives free. Jesus was indeed tried as an agitator against authorities because of messages such as this.

Did the apostles succumb to the civil societies desire for non-disruption of sinful woes? Or, did they go about the business of speaking truth in the face of lies, and everything that exalted itself above God and Christ his resurrected son?

In past years most of the gospel conversations I’ve had in the streets were a call to return to God, for many have fallen away. The swing of the political spectrum has prompted me now to proclaim the the message of hell, fire, and brimstone. Jesus Christ will return with a sword in his hand, and with great vengeance upon them that dwell upon the earth. Therefore, repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. God forbid that we remain silent!