capitalist labor strike?

*Speculation of new wars spawned by religion or race on our homeland is off key. These instruments are used in order to detour the truth.Violence is not pending as some have feared; by the K.K.K., The Neo Nazis, The Nazis, The Skinheads, The White Power Movement, The White Supremacists, The White Pride Movement, The Christian Identity Movement, The Patriotic Movement, extreme right wingers, and neo conservatives. But rather, what may be better understood as a “band of brothers”. Those, who will fight for the Constitution, men bound, to diffuse 50 years of under pinning and decades of fraudulent schemes created to overthrow American stability. All that is necessary to activate the band of brothers all around the country is a legitimate rebel yell. The peoples Militia, unlike high ranking government entities, do not need the approval of congress. The 2nd Amendment is granted to protect the Constitution itself. Its powers are to protect the American people when Congressional Government has failed to do so. As well as, when the government itself has become corrupt to the demise of our structural founding and of our personal liberties.From the lineage of the Sons of Liberty, I write.