Need to reveal how old leftist antics relate to us now.

I am thankful for the coverage of Obama and Ayers. I am dumbfounded at how unaware younger generations (of 20 something) are of things that are critically important. I’ve talked to many young people who -believe it or not- do not know what communism is. They do not know who the Black Panthers are and do not care about a terrorist attack that occurred 40 years ago. A big gap that I think Sen. McCain needs to fill immediately is to uncover the relevance of the Revolutionary Communist Party of today, and of the New Black Panther Party. For decades silence has prevailed. Wikipedia says the Black Panther movement was squelched in the 70’s. The New Black Panthers claim to be above board. Yet,the New Black Panthers are part of the International Communist Revolution. It has not been squelched. In Dec. 2005 I went to New Orleans with the Northwest Baptist Convention and worked with the Salvation Army in operation “fluid” to distribute food after Hurricane Katrina. One day I worked in a canteen stationed a couple of blocks away from the projects near the Superdome. On this day, a terrified and hesitant black lady came out from the projects to get food. She was afraid of being seen. She was supposed to stay away from, and was supposed to hate all white people. She was provided for and protected by “friends” who kept her as a cleaning servant and a vessel for gang rapes. She got some food, and to lend a hand, I walked with her for a couple of blocks toward her home. Her fears were legitimized to me when she pointed out that she was being followed. Sure enough, a blue car circled around the block and us about 4 times. The person driving slowed down at one point and gave her a wave. The harshest experience I had during that time was not being able to help her escape from her situation. As I walked back to the canteen, a passer by handed me a flyer promoting a Revolutionary Communist rally. At the days end I returned with the canteen crew to the Salvation Army warehouse. The warehouse was guarded by military personnel. I conversed with two military guards about the “revolution” and they asked if they could keep the flyer. I was advised, not go into the area near the projects because it was Black Panther territory and people who went in there had been shot at. This explained why reconstruction in the area around the superdome had not yet started. The area around the superdome was in a sense held hostage, not for a money ransom, but rather to be the center stage for the RCP. Many were the cries around the world of a failure to get aid to the poorest communities affected by hurricane Katrina which were mostly black. It is hard to find anything illegal on the New Black Panthers or the Communist Revolution. I did find an article of praise on the organizational work that was done near the superdome by a Black Panther member to distribute needed supplies, before “first responders” for disaster relief were available. The experience I had was different from the one the author of the article wrote about. However, the article does testify in accordance with the military guards testament that the Black Panthers did inhabit the area. In summary, the Black Panthers were holding International Communist Revolution rallies. They were keeping aid from coming in and at the same time advertising to the world that their government had forsaken them. They were promoting themselves as good deed doers by supplying goods to those whom they literally held captive. I understand that a judgment by the government not to announce extra trouble is a good security measure employed in an already volatile situation. But, isn’t it time to let the cat out of the bag? My words may mean nothing to you, but the military guards knew what was up. Is this not worth investigating? Footage does exist of our rescue helicopters being shot at in the early stages of relief efforts. More is at stake in this presidential campaign than election fraud. The new strategy of the Revolutionary Communist Party is to promote or initiate or create or exploit whenever possible circumstances in which to tear down the American Government and structure. Please vote for McCain as President!