Fraud in Wisconsin

We are told again and again by the Left, “There is no such thing as voter fraud in the American political system.” It is the rallying cry of Progressives as they simultaneously fight against common sense Voter ID laws while trying to steal elections. Like the Wizard of Oz, they frantically work the loopholes of the American political system while yelling, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

For all their frantic maneuvering, it appears that the Left, specifically Big Labor, has been caught red handed in Wisconsin in its efforts to recall Governor Scott Walker.

As Media Trackers noted on Sunday and then again yesterday, rampant signature fraud is evident in Wisconsin. In what I think were hopes of overwhelming the Government Accountability Board with 1 million signatures, Big Labor’s plan was that the GAB (5 out of the 6 board members were appointed by Democrats) would throw up its hands and say, “In the 1 million there are the 540k legal signatures needed.”

Except that I think the total number of signatures handed in was probably more around 750k and “rounded up” to 1 million.

With early investigation showing that as many as 30% of the signatures may be duplicates or invalid (Mickey Mouse, etc), what does that mean? Simple math means that Big Labor may not have enough signatures to recall Scott Walker.

A case in point. The Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty, a local tea party group, working in conjunction with True the Vote, did a review of the signatures collected in the recall efforts against Republican state Senator Alberta Darling. Using a large sample of 4500 signatures, the Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty found a signature fraud rate of 37%. Which means Darling, though she won her recall election, probably should never have been recalled in the first place. Knowing Big Labor was behind the Darling recall effort as well as the other 5 recall efforts against Republican state Senators, it proves one thing: there was and is significant signature fraud taking place in Wisconsin. Big Labor has a loophole and has already driven several Mack trucks through it.

Let’s take a look at the effort to recall Scott Fitzgerald, the majority leader of the Wisconsin State Senate. The Recall Fitzgerald committee is claiming 20,600 signatures (I love the round numbers), needing 16,742. If there is just 25% signature fraud in that recall effort, that means they are actually 2300 legal signatures short of being able to recall Scott Fitzgerald.

The GAB’s solution to all this has been to say it will conduct a limited review of the signatures and used automated scanners, claiming it lacks the manpower and resources to conduct a hand review of each sheet of signatures. No wonder Big Labor feels empowered to take advantage of the system.

Into this massive gap the Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty, True the Vote and others have launched Verify the Recall. Already thousands have volunteered to help the GAB do its job. Which is why we’re seeing increasing calls by One Wisconsin Now and other leftwing groups in Wisconsin to end the verification process and set up the recall elections. The longer the verification process drags out and is actually a legitimate one, the worse the situation becomes for the Left and Big Labor in Wisconsin. The curtain will be pulled back and no matter how many times they shout, “Pay no attention!” people will realize what they’ve been up to.

As my brother Ned and I have noted many times over the past year, Wisconsin is important and it is fascinating because we are seeing the tea party face off with Big Labor in the political trenches. So far the tea party is winning, but I think the Recall Walker efforts in WI could be the biggest fight yet. The integrity of the American political system hinges on it.