Tax, Tax, Tax the Rich, We Can Fix the Deficit!

It is becoming apparent that Wisconsin is ground zero for the fight agains the unions and their bloated pension plans. Today, 13 school districts in Wisconsin had to shut down because so many teachers called in “sick.” Those same teachers, oddly enough, showed up in Madison to fight against Governor Scott Walker’s budget repair bill because, horror of horrors, he’s going to actually expect unions to contribute to their healthcare and pension plans. Wonder what these same “sick” teachers earn each year? $77, 718.62.

And yesterday, the unions came up with a great plan to fix the budget in WI: tax the rich. From Media Trackers-WI comes this great clip of union protestors inside the capitol in Madison, chanting, “Tax, tax, tax the rich, we can fix the deficit.” Sheer brilliance.

The good news is that the good guys are winning in Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel posted a poll today: State legislators get to cast their vote on Gov. Walker’s budget repair bill today. How would you vote? So far 57% of Wisconsin taxpayers are in support of the bill, 43% oppose it of the 31,000 votes cast.

My hope is that the fight, and win, in Wisconsin gives other Republican governors and legislators the courage to stand up to the unions across the United States.