Tea Parties in Texas on Fire (Part II)

It is good to know people are reading my posts. Some of those people are Texas State Representative Linda Harper-Brown and her staff. After my post the other day, her chief of staff contacted me and asked that I clarify the quote that she felt I attributed wrongly to Linda Harper-Brown. For those of you who missed it, the portion of my post in question was:

“State Representative Linda Harper-Brown, elected by the hard work of many tea party members, didn’t even show up at her office on December 13th, completely avoiding what has to be an awkward situation for her-”Do I go with the folks that got me elected or do I go with Joe Straus, who had his allies send me over $200k in campaign contributions this fall?” Linked to the latter question is the timing as to when Harper-Brown’s pledge card in support of Straus was mailed.”

For anyone who thought that was a direct quote, I apologize. Please read it again. It’s called omniscient point of view, folks.

I confess a mistake, though. I said Linda Harper-Brown received over $200k from Joe Straus allies.

The number is actually $315k, directly from Joe Straus, $300k of which came after Labor Day. And allies is generous. Tack on another almost $42k from the Texas House Leadership Fund (another Straus entity) and Linda Harper-Brown took $357k from Joe Straus and his PAC. Which means roughly 40% of her $890k in campaign contributions came from basically one source this election cycle, the man to whom she pledged to support as Speaker of the Texas House.

Some would say, “Of course a Republican Speaker wanted to help all Republicans in tight races this fall!”

Really? Where were his contributions to Republican challengers? And why was he stumping for Patrick Rose, who, as I have noted, was the rising star on the Left here in Texas until he lost on November 2nd.

For those of you wishing to confirm those numbers, go to the Texas Ethics Commission website and take a look for yourself. A quick look shows that there are a few others in Linda Harper-Brown’s shoes regarding very large amounts of money taken from Joe Straus and the Texas House Leadership Fund this election cycle.

Now, I am assured Linda Harper-Brown made her pledge to support Joe Straus for Speaker in June of 2009. I will accept that.

I will point out two things, though. One, who pledges support in a leadership race a year and a half before the actual election? In June 2009, the Texas House was 76-74 Republican to Democrat. It is now 101-49, Republican to Democrat. Two, Joe Straus pledged his support to Tom Craddick when Craddick ran for re-election as Speaker in 2009. Evidently the man strong arming folks (and giving very healthy campaign contributions this fall) during this leadership election didn’t even consider his pledge to Craddick as binding.

So please, for those state reps running around Texas saying, “Our pledges are binding,” consider for a moment who you are bound to.