The Texas Speaker's Race

[from the diaries…an important story that needs our attention…]

I have said this a lot over the past few months: the American political landscape is going to change because of the tea party movement. It is organic. It is local. It is new to the process. It is engaged and passionate.

Best of all, the movement as a whole chalked up some serious victories in 2010 and there is nothing like whetting the appetite for more, especially with 2012 right around the corner.

Heck, here in Texas we’re already having “the next fight.” As Erick, Raz and others have noted, this is a fight worth having and a fight worth winning. The contrast between the current Speaker, Joe Straus (and his allies), and his challenger, State Representative Ken Paxton, is stunning.

There is a lot at stake in who becomes the next Speaker of the Texas House and as someone pointed out to me the other day, if the Tea Party movement could create the perfect candidate from the ground up, that person would come out looking a lot like Ken Paxton. I agree 100%.

For those of you tracking the race, I want to direct you to the Lake Fork Patriots’ site. I love it. It is simple and it lets folks know which state reps are where in this race for Speaker along with their contact info. My favorite column is “Lost Causes.”

If you are in Texas, get engaged in this fight. Fire the link above to any and all of your friends and family members.

Make sure you remind folks like Stef Carter, Linda Harper-Brown, Barbara Nash and Kelly Hancock that the conservatives who helped you win your races in 2010 will not only not be there in 2012, they will find and support folks to primary you.

And Stef, Linda, Barbara and Kelly-of all the votes that will cast in the next legislative cycle, I think it is safe to say that this will be the most important one.