On grassroots, GOTV and boots on the ground

I posted a few weeks ago about American Majority Action’s Liberty Headquarters in several key states (Ohio, Pennsylvania and Missouri). I am excited to announce that we’re opening three more Liberty Headquarters in Wisconsin this Thursday for the final GOTV effort and we’ve lined up buses to ship volunteers from Washington, DC and other cities into key races.

This is an exciting time. The tea party movement is going to chalk up a lot of victories on November 2nd and I am fired up that American Majority Action gets to be shoulder to shoulder with grassroots conservatives in the fight. This isn’t a bus tour. We’re not doing book signings or holding rallies. We’re getting down in the trenches with local tea party folks and showing them what it takes to win. They’re block walking, punching out thousands of phone calls a night and micro-targeting voters. Systematically, they are putting in place something that is not going to go away on November 3rd. In fact, I think it’s going to grow in 2011 and have even more of an impact in 2012.