No Skeletons in This Cabinet

The cabinet of the President is an oft-overlooked part of the Presidential election. Yet no set of individuals influences a President’s policy more than his (or her) cabinet.

So I thought it’d be interesting to pick a “fantasy cabinet” for a prospective Republican President. Put your selections in the comments if you have any.

SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY: Mitch Daniels>A Princeton degree, experience running America’s coffers as budget director, an articulate face to a difficult job.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Jon Huntsman>Represented America on a national stage before, presentable, has the upper hand in terms of language

SECRETARY OF DEFENCE: John Bolton>Tough, relentless fighter for America, not afraid to call a spade a spade, has made significant prior policy contributions

SECRETARY OF COMMERCE: Arthur C. Brookes>Independent minded, presides over the AEI, experience in theoretical economics, good negotiator

SECRETARY OF LABOR: Scott Walker>Took on the unions before and won, willing to be bipartisan, experienced in the world of labour relations

SECRETARY OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES: Bobby Jindal>Articulate and intelligent, policy “wonk”, brings remarkable knowledge of healthcare, longtime opponent of Obamcare

SECRETARY OF EDUCATION:  Lamar Alexander>Former Secretary of Education, experienced politician, regular critic of America’s education system

SECRETARY OF ENERGY: Rex Tillerson>Prominent corporate Republican, ran major energy firm, knowledge of sector

Of course, I’m not enough of an expert to name every single appointee. But we need to pay careful attention to who the cabinet contains. A good cabinet secretary-Condi Rice, Kissinger, Summers-can turn an apathetic administration into one which can target issues and consolidate gains. A bad secretary-Rubin, Colin Powell, the entire Obama Administration (excluding Hilary)-can either try and micromanage their department to destruction, act as an extension of a bad President or go off on a tangent against the policies of an Administration.

We don’t know if we’re going to win in 2012, but what is certain is that if we do, we need the right team ready.