Are Unions Buying Pet Dems With Pension Money Again?

100 million plus.

That is the price tag that the unions have place on getting their pets re-elected.

The people who will kiss their ass and pass laws ensuring that the people who are “for the workers” can continue to make inflated wages. This in turn ensures that the REAL “working class” making 7-15 dollars an hour can’t afford the homes, shipping, cars or other union built items.

Of course that’s ok – as long as the fat cat union workers have their 3 cars, big home and boats, who cares – right?

Isn’t this the same kind of argument the unions use against the CEOs or salaried workers?

I guess they don’t really care unless someone might be making more than they are – or maybe that is just a pious load of crap they dole out as class warfare to gain supporters in the uneducated class of people.

The union bosses don’t care that the pension schemes – the ponzi schemes that in so many cases are getting ready to collapse – you know, the ones that the unions are REALLY hoping that the taxpayers will support and take over in case their scheme fails – are getting short shrift from spending almost a billion dollars in buying their pet politicians over the last 20 years. Now this – over 100 million on pets in a midterm election.

Maybe the members who are paying the dues who aren’t in tune with watching their pension and benefit money pouring into politics might want to actually step up, quit being cowed and do something about it.

100 million.

And the number is going to be much higher because the AFL-CIO wouldn’t release their numbers on how much they are going to spend.

The unions are afraid. They are horribly afraid that people will continue to wake up, realize they are paying dues for things that are prevented by law now and that unions aren’t necessary. They are horribly afraid that if they lose their pets that they will lose a lot of protection that helps them blackmail companies into paying extreme wages for jobs or risk having their company shut down.

They should be.

I hope every time you see a commercial paid for by union labor and union sweat – the money that should be ensuring benefits and pensions – you remember how that money is being stolen from the “workers” and paid to the political class.

That Presidential order requiring folks not union working on government jobs with union labor to pay into union pension funds really paid major dividends. We wrote about that in another article earlier in the month – check it out!

I hope you get mad and remember in November.

Posted originally at: DRScoundrels