Revolution Brewing In LA Hispanic Community?

Let’s offer a small piece of evidence for why we don’t like illegals. We’ll even offer the information in their own words. Watch the whole damn thing – ok?

This man is preaching sedition, not only against your country people, but against your whole way of life.

To be substituted for what? Gang style neighborhoods and barrios?

Such wealth, social programs, medicine, science, and of course green power and clear skies and water like south of the border?

This is the revolution that this man is calling for?

Che Guevara was a murderer. Castro was a dictator and murderer and the majority of the peoples this teacher mentioned are living if not in abject misery, hunger and destitution caused by their own power wielding tyrants taking all the money and freedoms then they are on the edge of it.

This man isn’t a teacher.

He is a seditionist. Period. That is a crime that is explained in the Constitution.

Enforce it.

He is spreading sedition which will in turn foment anger, fighting and destruction which will solve nothing. It will solve nothing for the white race or the Hispanics.

La Raza President – where are you? Do you truly want a revolution to OVERTHROW what your people are fleeing from to replace it WITH what they are freeing from?

This thuggery needs to be stopped. Now.

This wasn’t brave or good oratory. This was sedition and treasonous against the nation he has chosen to call home. If he likes what all these other countries have, there’s the damn border – drop your American passport in the trash on the way out of the place.

If this place sucks so badly, why do you WANT it? Are you just another tinhorn little prick trying to stir up his own delusions of Guevara-hood? Leading your oh so powerful little group of students down the street to cause mayhem and mischief until some of them get hurt? Then it’s on your conscience, oh mighty leader, oh mighty Chavez-wanna be.

If they were so great, why are their people living in fear of them? Why do or did they have to resort to torture and imprisonment and banning of the opposition message?

Because they were or are cowards with guns and enough bully boys to keep their opinions enforced and made into law.

Those people aren’t “great leaders”. They are or were bullies with guns who mass enough force to cow their people into living in slums with little food, clean water or education.

You’re oh so right, mighty leader of little kids. You’re oh so right, you standing on the schoolhouse steps trying to light the fires of unrest and HATE in people.

Capitalism is what got you what you have, your job, your pay, that school you’re in front of and that leather jacket you had on, stupid.

What a lousy teacher you must be to imagine that without capitalism, your life would be better. Ask the folks in most countries without capitalism and middle class society. Most Spanish speaking countries in fact. Go check out the slums and the barrios south of the border.

Go back south if you want to. What you are encouraging is stupidity, ignorance, poverty, hunger, pain, fighting, blood, death, burning, looting and more.

What a model citizen.

I hope LA decides to do the right thing and fire him.

Originally posted at: DRScoundrels