Worth The Cost? You Be The Judge!

Nancy Pelosi – one of the world’s leading trending topics.

She’s come out with a real stinker on this one.

Quoting the Rand Institute, our brilliant House Leader has come out stating that it would be far less costly to treat your teens for their drug use than to stop the damn drugs from coming into the country.

Now if that isn’t San Franciscoan of her.

I bet the folks from back in the day are cheering that sentiment.

Don’t interdict – let them get on drugs, and then, once that demon has it’s claws sunk into the flesh and blood of your children, THEN do something about it.

Um – I don’t care if the facts are true as far as the cost of closing the border versus treating a child.

And the costs of a human addicted to drugs is far worse than a dollar amount in the first place.

Have you known a person who has had to fight this horrible monster? This thing that ravages their soul on a daily basis, constantly clawing, scratching and fighting to be fed again? This thing that destroys lives, futures and families?

This is the callousness that was shown when Nancy Pelosi led her stalwart friends through the crowd, arrogantly sneering at people with the sledgehammer of progressivism in her hands. This is the callousness that is so pervasive of the “caring” left as they enslave people to government handouts. This is the nature of their beast that shows so well in their pervasive and egregious attacks of hate and bile while they claim to be victimized.

This is what she doesn’t mind – the senseless thoughtlessness that leads her to say, screw it – it’ll cost less dollars to put ’em in rehab.

Wonder how many detoxing people Nancyiful has seen in her life? Does she remember them at all?

The shakes, the chills, the spasms, the vomit, the pain, the fevers, the racking coughs and the screams for release?

I wonder if she has tears in her eyes for the likes of them as well as for Harvey Milk?

Apparently not. She’d rather have your kids go through that than to spend the money to stop the flow from Mexico.

Ah well.

Don’t worry – we know San Francisco will most likely re-elect her.

The question is – will the rest of the country give her another majority?

Originally posted at: DRScoundrels

Thanks to CNS News for a great story