Start Reaping The Benefits Today? Truth About Medicare and Obamacare!

I have become quite the Medicare expert.


Training for where I work.

I have undergone many hours of training on how to explain to people how Medicare works, how the coverage gap works and how you get into and out of the gap. I can tell you a little of what goes on – the stories the left doesn’t want you to hear about government run health care that is about to get far worse due to the new bill.

I have many customers who ask me when I am on the phone with them what I think of the new law and what it will do to them. I have many customers who are complaining about the skyrocketing costs they faced this last year.

Unfortunately I can’t explain my feelings to them when I am at work since that would be unprofessional.

The people who do understand what is coming are not happy campers by about 10:1 from all I am hearing from my fellow co workers.

Understand, I won’t go into details since that would be a violation of privacy that I won’t do.

One thing I CAN tell you is that there are a lot of people who have faced major increases this year that ain’t seen nothing yet.

The first thing the companies who work with Medicare did the moment they heard this health care talk? Jacked up their rates in expectations of higher costs and lower returns due to Oblahma’s talk about capping costs. Of course they tried to get their dollars in now before the government steps in and takes completely over. They want to SURVIVE.

One company we are dealing with went up about two fold, and boy are we hearing it. Too bad I can’t explain why their monthly rates went up along with huge increases in their copays.

The insurance companies knew this was coming, saw the writing on the wall, and the ones who had to deal with Medicare because they had invested heavily in it? Their rates have gone way up.

This is the future of “free” health care.

Don’t be surprised if you end up paying 40-50 dollars a month on a fixed income, and have your copays be FAR worse than they ever were. Even generic 90 day copays are higher than ever due to the companies bracing for the impact.

Obama and his cronies have already put into play a plan that is supposed to cut Medicare over 500 billion in the next 10 years while, oh by the way, not cutting it – which several accounting offices are already reporting as unsustainable. They are also going to raise taxes while cutting the benefits of your elderly relatives and friends.

I could tell you stories that I hear my friends. Every single one of these that has actually been harmed by Medicare and the lousy programs that it is spawning. The insurance plans that cost relatively close to regular plans and give 1/3 of the benefits to the people who need them the most. Instead of 1/2 or 1/3 off the meds, they are routinely a few dollars off.

The fact remains that in order to help the people we need to be helping, we have spawned a system so reckless and feckless that it helps very few very much. And we have RINOs and Progressives to thank for Part D in particular.

What a waste of  legislative time and paper.

Here we have many drugs not allowed under Part D law, copays ranging from 3-5 times as much as normal plans, and the coverage gap. Who’s bright idea was that? (And before the libs jump on it – yes I know it was under Bush and I have thwapped him soundly for this many times)

How does this plan work? Simple really, though many don’t explain it well so there is confusion.

You usually have 4 stages –

1. Initial Out of Pocket/ Deductible – usually 100% of drug cost UP TO 310.00 (usually sits around 100.00)
2. Initial coverage – this is the copay stage – good to 2830.00
3. Coverage Gap – this is where you pay 100% of your drugs again – from 2830.01 – 4549.99
4. Catastrophic Coverage – this is where you pay 5% of drug cost from 4550.00 on

Here’s the fun part.

If you pay 10.00 for a prescription, and your insurance pays 100.00 – the total drug spend is 110.00

Got that?

That is the number that counts against you going to the coverage gap.

110.00 – the drug spend.

The out of pocket or what is known as Troop – or true out of pocket is the 10.00.


Now –  the drug spend is what gets you to the coverage gap – and there are drugs that you might pay 40.00 for and the drug spend is 500.00. Ok?

Here is the fun part.

You can actually get to the coverage gap in a few months while only spending a few hundred of your own dollars. Sounds good right?


Here’s the tricky part.

If you get into the coverage gap using the drug spend, only what you have spent yourself – the TrOOP actually gets you out of the coverage gap.

So if you have hit 2830.00 in drug spend while spending 900.00 of your own money – you will end up needing to spend 3650.00 to get back out of the coverage gap. So that coverage gap that looks like it is a smaller amount actually ends up being a couple of thousand more than you thought.

I can’t tell you how many people I have heard say they do without when it comes time to their coverage gap.

“But Obama says he is going to do away with it…. sometime”

Yep – sometime in the next 10 years or so.

And – two things to think about:

1.  Where is the money to close that 3000+ dollar gap for 34+million (and growing rapidly as the baby boomers START to hit comes into play – wait until the tidal wave hits in a few more years) going to come from? Have you done the math on this?

34,000,000 x 3,000 = 34,000,000,000 x 3 or 102,000,000,000 per year? At least? All this while cutting 500,000,000,000 out of the benefits?

Who is going to pay for that? Taxpayers and the elderly and disabled who will end up paying more for meds they need. As the progressives like to chant “Rent or meds” or “Food or meds”. But the trick is, they don’t really care that the next ten years will see ever escalating COST (that thing that was supposed to DROP right Mr. President?) as copays and monthly premiums skyrocket. Don’t forget things like taxes on prosthetic devices and diabetic supplies.

Heck the first is mostly used by vets and they suck, right libs? The second? The eldery and the FAT. And they’re bad too, at least according to the attitude from the left. We know what the First Lady thinks about FAT people. They suck.

2. If we are cutting 550,000,000,000 from Medicare to help pay for the new 30+ million people who are going to get “free” health care, who is going to suffer from this?

Hey, according to Med D law, you can’t have prescription vitamins or debrining agents. You can’t have ED meds or in many cases urological meds to help with incontinence for women.

BUT that will change under Obamacare right?

Wanna bet?

And who helped lead the charge into this? AARP who is bound to profit mightily with their Medicare supplement insurance that they will market as more and more necessary due to the program they helped ram through.

News flash: Projected 150,000 doctor shortage in a few years

News flash: People are going to lose benefits to give others benefits – equation equals a wash

News flash: People are going to get taxed and lose benefits to pay for a plan that won’t return benefits for over 4 years

News flash: People are going to get taxed and lose benefits and the government has given itself a year just to FORM the commission to start putting together the framework to build this nightmare

Thanks AARP. Thanks Progressives. Thanks Nancy and Harry. Thanks Oblahma.

39% would re-elect Obama in 2012. Wanna bet that number falls by January first of 2011 when the Medicare costs hit the elderly?

The thing is, Obama doesn’t care – he just won 30 million votes for his party at the loss of 30 million. But the fact is, with the quality of life being cut off from the elderly and their meds being cut due to fixed income from a failed ponzi scheme called Social Security, the harsh reality is that the President is wagering on a new class of voters replacing a class that won’t be around much longer.

Think about it and tell me that’s really not true – especially when there are a lot of folks who are in their 70’s and 80’s and dealing with issues that their meds help stave off so they can live.

Harsh truth, but truth nonetheless.

The Progressives are counting on the new class of medical welfare and amnesty to overcome the political unrest in the elderly.

Remember in November.

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