Transparency Only Counts with our Enemies!

The Pentagon disclosed on Monday, May 3, 2010 (a day that will certainly live in infamy, along with so many others since Obama took office)  exactly how many nuclear warheads the U. S. has stockpiled.

Yes.  You heard me correctly.  The United States has now told the WORLD exactly how many nuclear warheads we have stockpiled, PLUS how many we have retired and awaiting the junkpile, according to the AP:

The United States has 5,113 nuclear warheads in its stockpile and “several thousand” more retired warheads awaiting the junkpile, the Pentagon said Monday in an unprecedented accounting of a secretive arsenal born in the Cold War and now shrinking rapidly.The Obama administration disclosed the size of its atomic stockpile going back to 1962 as part of a campaign to get other nuclear nations to be more forthcoming, and to improve its bargaining position against the prospect of a nuclear Iran.

“We think it is in our national security interest to be as transparent as we can be about the nuclear program of the United States,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told reporters at the United Nations, where she addressed a conference on containing the spread of atomic weapons.

The U.S. has previously regarded such details as top secret. (emphasis mine)

This is absolutely unbelievable.  If nothing else proves that Obama does NOT have the best interests of the United States at heart, to me this does.   At least it proves what a bunch of nincompoops he has working under and advising him. While North Korea and Iran are gearing up their nuclear capabilities, and spreading threats all over us, Obama is blithely blabbing what we have in an effort to improve our bargaining position with Iran?  Is he crazy?  You cannot have a logical bargaining position with a MANIAC. 

The article goes on to say:

But the administration is not revealing everything.

The Pentagon figure released Monday includes deployed weapons, which are those more or less ready to launch, and reserve weapons. It does not include thousands of warheads that have been disabled or all but dismantled. Those weapons could, in theory, be reconstituted, or their nuclear material repurposed.

Estimates of the total U.S. arsenal range from slightly more than 8,000 to above 9,000, but the Pentagon will not give a precise number.

Whether to reveal the full total, including those thousands of nearly dead warheads, was debated within the Obama administration. Keeping those weapons out of the figure released Monday represented a partial concession to intelligence agency officials and others who argued national security could be harmed by laying the entire nuclear arsenal bare.

A senior defense official, speaking on condition of anonymity because the overall total is still classified, did not dispute the rough estimates developed by independent analysts.

Exposure of once-classified totals for U.S. deployed and reserve nuclear weapons is intended to nudge nations such as China, which has revealed little about its nuclear stockpile.


The U.S. revelations are calculated to improve Washington’s bargaining power with Iran’s allies and friends for the drive to head off what the West charges is a covert Iranian program to build a bomb.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahamadinejad spoke ahead of Clinton at the conference, denouncing U.S. efforts to pressure his regime to abandon its nuclear program.

So, let me simplify.  You are standing in a room with a bunch of very bad guys.  You all have guns pointed at one another.  You want the hostilities to end.  So, in an effort to make peace, you drop your weapon, AND you tell your opponents where you have all your other guns hidden.  Then you stand there and wait for the other baddies to drop their weapons.  Do you think they will?

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