Another Celeb Shines the Beacon of Brilliance on Hollywood Intelligence

Sherri Shepherd, co-host of The View, (yes, I know, I’ve already proven that this is going to be a post on the height of  intellect) made some absolutely astounding declarations to CNSNews.com at the White House Correspondence Dinner on May 1st in reference to Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer’s signing of SB1070:

CNSNews.com asked her, “A lot of celebrities have come out against the Arizona immigration law recently, what’s your stance on it, do you have an opinion on the law?”

Shepherd said, “It’s got to be better. It’s got – the fact that you can stop somebody under reasonable suspicion and there’s people from Canada that are over here legally who will never be stopped. I think it’s, you know, it’s very unfair, and I think that it’s just got to be, you got to do better than what you’re doing, and I think the federal government needs to get involved.”

Whu-huh?  People in Canada who are here legally, vs. people who are here from Mexico who are here ILlegally… okay.  I guess I can see that comparison.  <not>.

But wait – there’s more!

CNSNews.com then asked Shepherd, “The Justice Department recently released a report saying that one-in-five teenagers in the United States use illegal substances and those illegal substances are from Mexico, that’s the main provider –” and she said, “I don’t care! You still have to do better.”

“To just stop people just because you think that they may be an immigrant,” said Shepherd. “What about people who are brown-skinned who you think they may be and they’re not? And what about, you know, trying to deport children?

“I mean, what happens when you deport a family and then you got children who are staying here?” she said. “Then what do you do? Put them in the foster (care) system? You’re going to have some very angry adults. It just has to be done better.”

Folks, you just can’t make this stuff up!  She doesn’t care if most of the drugs that American kids are on comes from people here illegally from Mexico? WE have to do better?  And for your information, Ms. Shepherd, they won’t be stopping people that they think might be IMMIGRANTS, you ignorant twit.  Immigrants are what this country are made of.  It is ILLEGAL aliens.  A totally different thing all together.

Sherri Shepherd – more proof that just because you can memorize a script doesn’t mean you understand the words you are spouting.  Cripes will somebody PLEASE shut Hollywood up???

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