The Dirty Little Racist Secret Behind Amnesty Push

What is it that the folks supporting, basically, an illegal act that our ancestors, for the most part, had to deal with at some time are trying to accomplish?

Why is it, in fact, that the support illegal immigration crowd are supporting this tidal wave?

The president of Mexico gets an influx of cash from the illegals who work and send money back home.

The unions will get an influx of people who willingly subjugate themselves to paying money for protections no longer needed by a dilapidated and corrupt bunch of blackmailers who are trying to run most heavy industry out of this country by pricing the labor part of the product out of reach of people. For the most part, as an example, most people in this country can’t afford a new car if they don’t make over 30,000.00 per person in a household and have small debt loads already.

The Democrats, getting more union labor, will get more union dues dumped into their wallets. We know that they have received bribes en masse from the unions to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in the last twenty years.

What is it the people like La Raza get though? Why do they want people to actually put their life and limb at risk, flooding a system that is overtaxed to begin with, living in poverty, stacked like cordwood in small holes of apartments, at risk for jailing or deportation?

What makes them encourage bringing millions more into a system that doesn’t take care enough of their poorest group of the people they already represent?

Power. Wealth. Glory.


Simply put, they could care less about the people they are cheering to come across scorching deserts, risking their lives and the lives of many of their family members.

I believe that they want these folks to have to stand on the corner and work day labor in fear. I think they actually wish to set these people up to live in almost slave like conditions in sweatshops their own people sell them into in order to pay for their way into this country illegally.

I believe they want their people to die as cocaine balloons burst in their stomachs as they mule the drugs into this country as a part of the deal for them to be transported.

I believe that they love the fact that they are setting up the people who came to this country legally and worked their asses off to gain legal citizenship – putting hard work, study and learning to love this country – in danger of being pulled to the side for citizenship checks.

They want the anger, they want the furor. They want the mob they can march out in front of, screaming their social justice slogans.

They want the people in this country to feel sorry for a situation that these folks in control of the Hispanic community who are acting irresponsibly by encouraging are helping to create.


So eventually there will be amnesty.

Then there will be 12+ million more Hispanic voters.

In one fell swoop.

What a heady rush, the drug of political power.

Too bad it is on the blood, sweat and tears of their own people.

Too bad their people are backing that play.

This is the worst kind of selling your own people down the river for your own reward racism there is. Period.

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