Project Educate the Electorate Has Begun!

UPDATED: You can go to the link below and still listen to the show – all of our shows are archived – and that also means that you can listen to the candidates and hold them accountable AFTER the election if they win. We have linked to our show twice here and you can go to our blogsite and there is an RSS of the last five shows on our site.

Maybe Erick can help us out trying to spread the word as well!

Today on The UnVarnished Show:

First steps to Project Educate the Electorate

Dr. Eric Wargotz – Republican Candidate for Barbara Mikulsi’s Maryland Senate seat speaks with DRScoundrels Host Rich

Carmen Amedori – Republican Candidate for Barbara Mikulsi’s Maryland Senate seat speaks with DRScoundrels Host Rich

That’s right, we have two different Republican Senate candidates on the show Today on The UnVarnished Show at 10 am – 12pm eastern time!

Each will interview for 30-45 minutes (as long as they’ll give us! ) ) and express their views on MANY different topics.

The format is as follows:

  • Question will be posed by the host
  • Question will be a neutral question of a generic topic
  • Candidate answers freestyle – short or long is up to them
  • Host will not ambush
  • Host will not argue or debate
  • If a candidate answers concisely they can get more information out in a shorter time to their electorate

Each candidate interview will be posted on our site. Each show is archived on our blogtalk site as well as on Itunes. We will keep backup copies of our shows on multiple computers.

No cutting of interviews for five second soundbites to take someone out of context to make them sound better or worse on our part. Each candidate may use their portion of the show for their own sound bites.

We would appreciate the candidates providing a link back to us on our BlogTalk site and/or here just for credit.

This is a free service provided to the electorate of each state – it would be greatly helpful to the voters to spread this word out and for the candidates to mention this interview to other shows, sites and on their site. The more people that hear their message and views, the more comfortable their voters will be in what the candidate stands for. You can get your word out to 10 people or 10,000 – it’s up to the voters and candidates to get this out.

Just to let you all know – we are booked up for every Sunday with 2 national candidates until June right now with more folks joining in every day – stay tuned – this is getting good neighbors! We may have to go to a second show just to get more folks interviewed before November!

We have provided the platform – it’s up to everyone to help us get the word out.

As I mentioned – if you missed the live show – come listen to the RSS at our blogsite when you get done here or come listen to the show in its entirety at BlogTalk Radio – follow the links above!