question for yal

hello ladies and gents of the right, i have a question for you.

firstly though, some disclosure: i am a liberal Democrat. i dont plan on sticking around your forum very long–yal have as much right to an online echo chamber as we do!–but i wanted to hear some conservatives’ thoughts on something.

without further ado, what is with the practice of referring to the “Democrat Party”, “Democrat National Convention”, the “Democrat majority leader”, etc.? Obviously, yal know that it’s the “Democratic Party” and the “Democratic majority leader” and so forth. Democrat is a noun, Democratic is an adjective–sort of analogous to “Briton” and “British”. You don’t say “The Briton Prime Minister”.

The practice strikes me as very… childish. It reminds me of a friend of mine whose name is “Kristen Schlott” who told me that people called her “Kristen Slut” in high school.

Now, it doesn’t really bother me when you do so on redstate. I think a little childish ribbing of the opposition is normal and okay in a forum like this–one sees similar things on liberal sites like Dailykos.com (GOP=Greedy Oil Party, for example). What bothers me, however, is that Republican public officials consistently do so even when they are not addressing a Republican audience. For example, I happened to be working in the Senate visitors’ gallery this summer, and would hear Republican senators say “The Democrat Party” and “The Democrat leader” (speaking of Sen.Reid). Indeed I recall Sen. Ensign saying “The Democrat Leader” when Sen. Reid was on the floor! I think it’s pretty low-class for U.S. Senators to be playing the “Kristen Slut” game on the floor of the United States Senate, purportedly the greatest deliberative body in the world. I mean, it’s just a childish insult, it doesn’t contribute to the debate in any way–and in my mind it shows that the Republican Senators who do so take politicking more seriously than governing, insomuch as it can’t be good for the real business of legislating for the country’s needs when every Republican contribution to the Senatorial debates–and I’m sure Republican Senators have some valuable things to say–comes in a speech littered with childish, petty insults. If you turned on C-Span and a Democratic Senator began his floor speech “John McLame, putative nominee of the Repugnant Party…” you probably wouldnt take anything else he said in his speech seriously; that’s sort of how i feel when Republican Senators use the “Democrat Party” insult on the floor of the Senate.

that all said, what do yal think? is this sort of behavior appropriate of Republican Senators? if so, why?