The No Growth Zero Sum Pie


Has America
reached the stage where we all stand in a circle and take turns holding a
constantly shrinking dollar?

If our
Dear Leader and the Daley led Outfit wins re-election next year perhaps a few
more people will see the hand writing on the wall.  Though the Constitution is undeniably the
greatest work to come from the hand of man, though it provided the safe haven
of freedom for generations it is today a dead letter.  If after the coming
November election the Democrats tax storm sweeps us down the economic drain and
inflation kicks in those dazed by the success of the Chicago system in re-electing the first
anti-American president then the silent majority will be ready to hear the
watchmen on the walls.

We have sold
our birthright for a bowl of entitlements.
We have stood silently by while corrupt politicians have looted our
posterity of opportunity and hope.  We
have allowed our Federal Government to assume powers never delegated to them by
the Constitution.  We have spent the
revenues of the future for a present that no longer resembles the last best
hope of mankind.  We have followed the
pipers from the Land of the free and the home of the brave onto the road to
serfdom and we are about to learn that he who pays the piper calls the tune.

While our nation wallows in the Great Recession which our
Progressive leaders and their water boys in the Corporations Once Known as the
Mainstream Media keep trying to tell us is over China keeps eating our lunch.  Starting with NAFTA
both Democrats and Republicans have agreed to free
trade deals
that aren’t free and have suppressed our trade.  For these economic geniuses who think they
can centrally plan the largest economy in the history of the world let me spell
this out slowly and clearly:

  • If you buy more than you sell you have a
    negative balance of trade
  • If you spend more than you make you eventually
    go bankrupt


  • Everyone else except you seems to know these two
    simple truths.

Maybe our economic geniuses should try Economics 101.  They want us to accept that Americahas become a no growth zero sum
pie.  It doesn’t fit their game plan to
take their foot off the throat of the economy.
If they did it would roar to life as the liberty and opportunity which
is our heritage, and once again prove that free people making free choices is
the best way to grow the pie and enrich the people.

A new book calls President
Obama an amateur
, and at first glance he may appear to be one.  However he does not stand alone.  He is the front man for a triumphant Progressive
which has successfully implemented a strategy that has taken more
than a century to mature.  Starting in
the 1890s they set their sights on education capturing the universities and
then training generations of teachers, journalists, and lawyers.  These people have infiltrated every aspect of
our lives dumbing down successive generations while Progressive politicians have
worked at getting a majority of the voters addicted to government
handouts.  Then in the1960s the Cloward and Piven
was embraced as a way to spend the country into oblivion so that
it could be remade in a Progressive image.
Step by step, inch by inch, line upon line these webs have been woven,
and as the average American twists and turns trying to find some avenue of
escape from the shabby future these want to be commissars have planned, all
they see is the party line on the major networks telling them everything is
coming up roses.

It is time to WAKE UP!
It is time to prepare as if the world we have known will end and expect
major dislocations in every aspect of life.
Even an overwhelming defeat for President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid,
and the rest of their fellow travelers will only mean this train wreck is
slowing down.  The so-called draconian Ryan
never gets to a balanced budget for 40 or 50 years.  More than 30 years out the national debt is
still growing.  Projections show that by 2025
the interest on the debt alone will begin to consume any hope of getting out of
the trick bag they have spent us in to.
Our elected leaders have no plan to reverse the decline. They merely
want to manage it in a more orderly fashion.

Each of us must decide what is most important.  Each of us must either prepare for the coming
contraction or hit the wall like a crash dummy.

Personally I have decided that family is more important than
career, food is more important than convenience, and honor is more important
than status.   I have left the tenured
halls and headed for the hills.  I have
abandoned friends of many years to be surrounded by family.  I have embraced the soil to grow my own food.
In other words, I believe I have been to the top of the mountain, I have seen
what is coming, and I have taken my own advice.

When I was the Dean of a School of Christian Ministries I
used to tell my students to prepare as if there was no Holy Spirit and preach
as if there were no notes.  Today I
advise my readers, prepare as if the America we have known and loved is about
to be transformed before our eyes into a social democracy of European
proportions, and live as if there is still hope.

For as long as we believe there is still hope we will not be

So we come to the ultimate message: hope in Christ and you
will never be disappointed.  All things
must pass and only those things done in Christ will last.  All empires fall.  It is our place in History to watch the slow
motion fall of a mighty empire: Western Civilization. But if we hold on to what
is true, if we stand for what we believe, though a thousand fall on our right
and ten thousand fall on our left it will not come upon us.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion
for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the Historian of the Future and the author
of the History of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com
© 2012 Robert R. Owens [email protected]
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