Whats Mine is Mine Whats Yours is Negotiable

The economy is scheduled to plunge off a cliff in

Back in the first two years after the Progressive’s November
Revolution of 2008, the big government party enacted tax increases not
scheduled to take place until after the 2012 elections. They also passed
Obamacare which carries within it multiple tax increases, which are also
scheduled to take affect after the 2012 election.  Combine these with previous tax rollbacks
scheduled to expire in January 2013 and we are looking at the major economic
crisis the progressives have worked so hard to create so they can then work so
hard to solve.

In 2010 the voters got a chance to let the central planners
know what they thought of what had been done with the power entrusted to them
in 2008.  However, with only one house of
Congress in Republican hands they were unable to reverse any of the changes
made in the first two years of the Obama administration, so come January we hit
the wall.

This manufactured economic crisis will be used by the
triumphant Progressives as proof that capitalism doesn’t work.  Then following their play book, since too
much government wrecked the economy we need more government to fix the
economy.  They will tighten the already
strangulating regulatory straight jacket.
If Obamacare is upheld and implemented, within a few years it will kill
the private insurance industry as company after company figures out it is
cheaper to pay the fines imposed than purchase the insurance required.  The flight of paying customers from the
private insurance companies will force them into bankruptcy.  Remember even if they used deceptive language
at the moment of passing the bill President Obama, Nancy
, and Harry
were on the record many times saying what they were aiming at was a
single payer European type healthcare system.
And we can all see how well
that is working out for the Europeans.

They will also use the failure of the insurance industry as
more proof that capitalism doesn’t work.

As President Obama travels around the country inciting
class warfare
with his constant attacks on the millionaires
and billionaires
which he tells us aren’t paying their fair share he
continues to accept
vast amounts of money from those same millionaires and billionaires.  While his administration imposes regulation
after regulation that every day makes it harder to start new businesses,
maintain or expand small businesses he turns a blind eye to the continued
casino like atmosphere at the largest banks: the ones that are too big to fail
and which should be too big to bail.

The largest bank in the country, J. P. Morgan Chase just
lost another couple of billions in risky credit derivatives that their own
chairman says
were ill-conceived, poorly executed, and not managed very well.  This is the same bank that President Obama
says is one the best run banks in America and the same chairman who has visited
the Whitehouse at least 18
since 2009..  The Chairman of
the Board Jamie Diamom, the one in charge when all the poor execution was going
on was just voted 23
million dollars
in compensation while the stockholders take it in the

Crony capitalism, where the public takes the risk and bears
the loss while the cronies who contribute money to the politicians reap the
benefits is alive and well.  Favored
corporation such as GE whose chairman, Jeffrey R. Immelt
serves on the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness makes billions in
and often pays nothing in
.  Personally I believe there
should be no corporate taxes since they are in reality double taxation but
taxing some while exempting others is the worst kind of Corporatism and the
President merely uses this system to reward donors and then turns around and
attacks this pay-to-play system as an example of the rich not paying their fair

There is a con game going on.  Straw men are being set up only to be knocked
down.  Our fellow Americans who get their
news from Jay Leno and the Daily Show have no idea what is being done.  They swallow the party line as belched out by
the Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media and troop to the polls to
vote for the same party their fathers and grandfathers voted for.  But the major parties today aren’t
ideologically, organizationally, or in practice the same parties America
has known.

Neither party stands for smaller government, individual
freedom, and economic opportunity.  At
one time they both stood for these fundamentally American concepts.  Operating like the twin heads of one bird of
prey, both major parties expand the government and add to the regulatory burden
which is changing America from the Land of the Free into a totalitarian morass
that is stagnating its way from the first world to the second world.

From the beginning of the primary process it was obvious
that Romney was the anointed choice of the establishment Republicans and the
media.  Now that he has been all but
chosen it is time for the Democrats to scare up a third party somewhere
somehow.  President Obama’s record of
socialist accomplishments is so stunning it has even aroused enough of the
politically comatose to push him back to the 40+% of the electorate who would
vote for a yellow dog before they would vote for anyone except a Democrat.  He has lost the independents and the
undecided.  His only chance for victory
is a third party, so there will be a third party even if the Democrats have to
invent it and pay for it themselves.

As the big day, the day when we as voters will get a chance
to reverse the November Revolution of 2008, watch as a third party emerges,
well-funded and well prepared.  This
third party will say all the right things.
They will come across as conservative ideologically and
economically.  They will probably even
try to portray themselves as the organized expression of the thousands of independent
Tea Parties across the country.

No third party has won a presidential election in Americasince 1860.  The rules have been rigged, and so many
people vote instinctively for the party their fathers voted for the odds of a
third party winning are close to the odds of winning the power ball.

If the progressives win one more election they will cement
in their transformation of America
from a land based on equal opportunity to a land of based on equal
outcome.  Everyone gets the same thing
except of course for those who divvy up the swag.  Those who divide what they take from the producers
to give to the non-producers always seem to end up with everything while
everyone else gets just enough to get by long enough to produce something else
that can be expropriated by an all-powerful central government.

The Progressives who have taken control of Americaact as if all the money we earn is
theirs and the only debate is about how much they will let us keep.  And they constantly remind us that the
government can’t afford to leave us with too much money.  If they did we wouldn’t be dependent on

Maybe we should change the motto from E Pluribus Unum
to What’s Mine is Mine What’s Yours is Negotiable.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion
for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the Historian of the Future and the
author of the History of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com
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