Let's try something novel about Obamacare funding...

We are going to stipulate that every poll in America is showing a lack of support for Obamacare. That vast majorities of the country don’t support it. We have ourselves an issue.

I think we need to use more novel tactics in how we stop its funding. While the media and the Democrats think that funding Obamacare and any government shutdown is a boon to them, why not do some really novel things, which I think Lee and Cruz have offered to do in the House.

Instead of peeing our pants, like Boehner and Cantor seem to do every time a confrontation with the White House is imminent, and then caving in, why don’t we try to frame a positive media narrative? Clearly the Democrats are in more jeopardy on this issue. Why don’t we offer them a real compromise. We restore all funding for Head Start to their levels. We fund other Democratic pet projects to their levels. Make it easy for a liberal to support. Offer them more money in food stamps, more money for various social welfare programs. Then state unequivocally that we want a total defunding of Obamacare. The media narrative will be set. We want to save the country from something that is unpopular with many of them. The Democrats and the President will obviously balk, but there will be way more Democrats jumping ship on the issue. Certainly the Democrats will have to explain their attitudes to the press as to why they won’t compromise. Why are they the ones holding up the country over unpopular legislation? Then the tables will be turned. Why can’t we be as savvy with the public relations stuff as they are?

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