Sequestration could be the liberal's biggest fear.

I think we as conservatives should welcome the cuts coming in sequestration.  I think the tilting at windmills and the hyperventilation by the media types is all ginned up.  Do they really think that the government is going to stop because of a few meager cuts?  Do they really think that the government will ever stop intruding into our lives because of a few insignificant cuts?

But these are actual cuts.  And that is important.  What the liberals really want is conservatives and our Republican allies to agree to kick the can down the road one more time.  They want us to cave in again.  They want us to give tacit approval to government spending by making it nearly impossible to cut anything from the federal government at any time.  That is what this is about.  We need to hold the line.  Because all we need to remember is that the sun will come up March 1., 2013 and we will not notice any difference on March 2, 2013.  And that is the liberals’ biggest fear.  That we will realize we don’t need to spend as much.  Also, why care too much about government employees?  Just how many of those paper pushers and bureaucrats really do anything useful at all anyway, and this is not breaking news… they are all Democrats!

Let Barry explain to his supporters why their cushy government jobs are going the way of the dodo bird.  This is a teaching moment for conservatives.  We have it in our power to show that some actual cutting of government is possible and across the board cuts means that everyone feels the bite.  Everyone’s ox is gored.  Come to think of it, in that scenario, why I just bet all of you who read this that there is no person or businessman in the country who could really honestly say they couldn’t cast those cuts over a year on such a small percentage basis.  Liberals want us to concede that government is necessary to the working of everyone’s life.  As conservatives, we need to illustrate that falsehood.