Immigration and the Right path forward...

John McCain has been a lost cause for years.  And now so is Marco Rubio.  I hope that he sees the light, but I also know that this is an issue that Republicans somehow don’t know how to communicate well to the country as a whole.

We need to insist on border enforcement as Part I of a process.  We can make this point readily clear.  Think about it.  Just go down to the southern border.  Ask the ranchers and people having their property invaded if the border situation is secure.  What will they say?  We could run ads on this topic.  It would be persuasive to many.  Indeed even the Americans of Mexican decent that I work with agree that this is a problem.

We need to reinforce that the southern border is not the only issue.  There are issues on the northern border as well.  Certainly there are some forms of trafficking going on.  I think we can demonstrate that our issue with increased immigration is something we fear will unalterably shift American values negatively.

We also need to reinforce that our neighbor to the south is rapidly turning into a narco-terrorist state.  The cartels run nearly all aspects of Mexican life, not just on the border.  We (the U.S. government) sold them many of the guns they are now using to enforce their grip on society.  There is little we can legally do to combat a domestic Mexican problem.  I would be for more open borders if the Mexican government was required to begin a process toward control of the drug traffickers and cartels that terrorize and hurt our mutual relations.  As yet, I have seen no move in this regard.  And do not think for a moment that relaxing our drug enforcement regime would change the cartels at all.  They would move into other areas or continue to terrorize the good people in Mexico.  We need to negotiate or insist on a real policy by the Mexican government in regard to the cartels, or we should look to remedies outside of NAFTA.

Further, we need to insist on education reform in America.  We have an upside down model of education.  And we are raising a generation of young people who are adverse to any physical labor.  There will be nearly 22 million skilled labor jobs available in this country over the next twenty years.  However, we are telling even marginal students that their future lies in the ivory towers of academe.  This is absurd.  We should get kids who are of average intelligence into jobs where they will have a successful and fulfilling life, not taking on mountains of debt to get an Art History or Psychology degree where they will never be able to pay off their loans.  I work in education.  I see it every day.  I see councilors tell kids to only look to college.  This is bad not only for our future, but bad for kids whose life fulfillment will never come from a four-year college degree.  But alas, that is the environment brought to us by current education thought.  No wonder the left sees the remedy as millions of unskilled but trainable underclass people.

Finally, this proposal spells death to the conservative movement if it passes.  We will never be able to outbid the Democrats in regard to welfare benefits.  When these otherwise good people from the third-world come to our shores, we discover that they want welfare benefits without paying for them.  When 11 million people initially and then millions more over time become citizens sucking off the government teat, we will lose what it means to be an American.  We will Europeanize ourselves so much that there will be no cache left in small, constitutionalist government.  This is the death of conservatism.  Is it any wonder that John McCain is supporting this?

We need to fight against the “Gang of 8”.  We should write our senators and congressmen to oppose it.