I am tired of the Liberals calling us Red State Socialists.

I cannot understand why Conservatives don’t point out the heavy costs of Federal mandates in the mess surrounding the amounts of money coming to conservative states.  Why do the Republican States not figure the amount of spending that is required by the Feds that make the imbalance in revenues necessary?  I mean I live in Nebraska.  I wish the Blue State liberals would let us decide not to participate in idiotic Federal programs.  But they don’t let us opt out.

Further, I bet a lot of that is Federal Highway program money.  And the State of Nebraska is much bigger in size than a lot of these other Blue states.  I am certain the Blue State travelers would like to have I-80 kept up when they travel through here.  So I want lib-tards to shut up about Red State Socialists and start offering us the chance to opt out of more of their federally mandated programs.