The coming cave: Or what point is there in having a GOP House

The time has come to call and email and write our GOP representatives in Washington again to try to stiffen their spine.  Why can’t they stop running scared and stand up for conservatism?  Are they worried that the media will somehow help us if we only cave to Obama?  Certainly this seems to be the case.  As per this story in Politico http://www.politico.com/story/2012/11/84364.html we are falling for the same old meme.  Our representatives only care about making themselves popular in the Washington scene.  They proclaim they care about spending cuts, and then stand around and try to find any way to avert them.

I will cease calling myself a Republican if we give in to Tax increases now for nebulous promises twenty years from now concerning spending cuts.  We have seen this movie before, and it comes from the same old book.  Republicans need to do like http://www.redstate.com/gamecock/2012/11/29/buchanan-best-bet-in-boehnerbarack-bout-for-gop/ Pat Buchanan says in Mike DeVine’s diary of earlier today.

What really cheeses me off is that all we do in run scared and pooh pooh what got us to a majority in the first place.  Again, why not try some novel ideas.  Since the tax hikes are already programmed in, we have gotten the spending cuts as well per the 2011 agreement.  The only way we get immediate spending cuts to keep us off the Fitch’s downgrade path is to stay with the deal we have made.  That might mean that some of our squishy leadership in the House might, just might, have to sell the conservative case.  If we don’t get some restraint on the size and scope of government, there won’t be a country left.  If we only raise taxes on the rich, there won’t be enough revenue to fund the government for two weeks.  That out-of-control spending is indeed the problem!  And we also need to know that the media has never been our ally in this endeavor.  They are all big-time liberals and will push us to concede and then stab us in the back.

And just where in the heck are the big Wall Street people going to go after we go off the cliff?  Are they going to turn to the Democrats to lower their taxes?  Are the small businesses in America going to turn to the party of onerous regulation?  No, this will only serve to highlight that one party can be trusted to cut taxes.  The other party will give handouts with other peoples’ money.  Republicans by being complicit in another round of spending cuts twenty years from now (Isn’t that the same hogwash we were told by Tip O’Neil in the 1980’s) will only serve to alienate those of us who put them there in the first place.