House Republicans: Quit running scared.

Do we really think that the Democrats will be able to keep a message of Republican blame for any recession in the event the Fiscal Cliff comes to pass?  I mean both sides agreed to it.  It is real spending cuts.  Don’t be scared.  Start our own talking points that we like to spread to the nation.

We purport to be the party of smaller government and cuts to unneeded programs, which heavily populate the government.  Why don’t we stick to our guns.  They get the tax increases, that we NEVER made permanent, even when we had the chance.  We actually get to see spending reduced.  And the country goes back on a path to potential fiscal sanity.  What conservative in America, given our circumstances would balk at this?  We have the solution and it is the sequester.  It was negotiated with the president, and now House Republicans need to make it happen.  Hold the line.  My God, find me a Republican who isn’t low hanging fruit who we will lose because we held to an agreement to cut spending?  I live in Nebraska’s third district.  Is Adrian Smith going to lose in arguably the most Republican district in America because he held in there to cut spending?  They have just as many Democrats left in conservative leaning districts.  They have Senators running in 2014 in Alaska, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Dakota, Montana, are those people going to want to run in an environment where we have totally blown our national credit rating?  And are those Democrats going to want to stand up for things like Single Payer?  I do not think this issue is that big a deal politically for us.

This issue is a non-crisis.  It is manufactured to make Republicans look bad in the media.  What isn’t?  Let’s stand for spending cuts.  Every time some moron like David Gregory lambastes one of ours, we shoot right back.  It could go something like this:  Tell them the president negotiated it, we assume in good faith.  President Obama expected to be reelected in 2012, he knew this was coming, and we will get what we get.  We are not making a decision to raise taxes on the middle-class.  That position was taken by the President and 112th Congress.  We are now going to live with that agreement.  We will not have a fight on the debt ceiling and they will still get to deficit spend.  But we should not continue wrong-headed policies like the payroll tax holiday.  For Pete’s sake, we have a deficit in the very entitlement programs that FICA and the Medicare tax are supposed to solve.  Stealing from those programs would seem to be taking the rug out from underneath future generations, who need to know that money is there for their old age.  Also, responsible people know we need to fix the deficit issue.  We can do this by cutting defense, which we don’t like, but that is part of the process.  We will go off the path to a budget train-wreck when we all agree that Washington is taking in too much.

And further, while many of these same Republicans who are our so-called talking heads live in Washington and are friends with many lobbyists, we need to make an issue of the fact that the only place in the country to prosper in the current Administration is the DC area.  Why are the five highest income counties in America in Northern Virginia and Maryland?  Explain the links between the regulatory hell-hole and the willingness of business to spend more money on creating jobs than jumping through the Byzantine hoops to avoid punishing regulations.

If we had deft people in the House of Representatives Republican Conference, we just might make these points.  And finally, it is NOT necessary for the liberal media types to accept our talking points.  It is only necessary for us to provide them to the thinking public, which for those Mittens fans on this site:  Romney did not do effectively at all.