As I have said before: Let's go off the fiscal cliff!

Republicans in the House of Representatives need to be willing to go off the so called fiscal cliff.  This ploy by the Democrats and their media types is such that the country will see them as all wet.  Sure, let’s go back to the Clinton tax rates.  But the sequester is also there for us.

The question to be asked to those pontificating in our so-called conservative party, How badly do we want to cut spending? I always looked to the Bush Tax Cuts as doomed no matter what.  That President Obama is reelected makes that a certainty.  Indeed, all the tax cuts of the past 12 years were doomed when the GOP couldn’t make them permanent in the Senate when we had 55 votes ourselves.

But the sequester has some real spending cuts.  Obama will want to decimate the Defense Department anyway, so this is his impetus.  I guarantee that there are Democrats with sensitive Defense programs in their states that will fight like hell to restore the defense spending, especially Democrats from conservative states.  I am sure that Mary Landrieu wants to run for reelection in Louisiana after letting Defense get gored.  I think we can get all the defense spending back.  And the Idea that Defense is a sacred cow with no waste or fraud is ludicrous.  I am sure there is money to be saved there.  Also, much of the Defense industry in this country is in the Blue States.  Let them feel the pain.

And we some actual cuts in social programs.  Why wouldn’t we welcome that?  But again, “the media is going to blame us”  is the cry from the beltway-centric Republicans.  Oh, no!  When has this happened again.  Our “Conservatives” in Washington need to quit worrying about what dinner party they will be invited to next and legislate for the people who sent them there. The sequester, or the fiscal cliff was the deal sought out by the President so we would agree to raise the debt ceiling.  We did that.  Now it’s time to pay the piper.  We need fiscal discipline, and I think the Fiscal Cliff will work well to accomplish that.

How much spine do we have?  Let’s go off the cliff and then we will get some of what we want.  And when rates go up, and revenues go down, because there is no dot com boom this time with the Clinton era rates, we will then again be in the cat-bird seat.  All these idiots who wished for higher taxes will again have to turn to the ones who will do the right thing, and America will fall in line behind us.  2014 can be another Tea Party Year, and going off the fiscal cliff can indeed start this cycle off right.