Serious Question: Why shouldn't we go off the fiscal cliff?

I know this sounds like apostasy, but as someone who was dubious about all the happy talk coming from Conservatism, Inc. over the past couple months, I feel like we should look at this.

I know the Bush tax cuts are important, but what about the spending cuts as well?  Obama will never extend the Bush tax cuts now anyway, so why go down that road?  I think the “Fiscal Cliff” is the spending cuts we want with some we don’t.  But to make it clear, the State of Virginia and the Government Workers who live in the DC suburbs are the ones who resolutely went to the President.  We don’t owe the people of Virginia anything.

Further, I think that military spending is easier to get back than the social spending, if the Republicans are smart about it.  Indeed, Panetta and Colin Powell made that argument.  I think even the President has said how catastrophic those cuts will be.  Besides, there are social spending cuts that no Democrat wants to have happen.  I think we can hold the line in the house, really no Republicans are in danger of fighting for principle, and then letting the cliff happen.  I bet you that on Jan. 1 the sun will rise.  I bet the markets will deal with it.  And then I make this point, for all the whining and et cetera we hear from those Wall Street types in New York and Connecticut and New Jersey, just what have you done to elect a conservative in the last few years?  I am really hoping that we try the cliff.  I am betting that just as with all the stupid inane crap we heard from team Romney over the past six months, this fiscal cliff meme is probably over hyped.

The United States has survived worse, yet I think that if anything is proven true, the Republican Party will benefit by having four years of a diffident and lame-duck Obama.  We can make him lame this December by refusing any compromise that does not include the full Bush tax cut.  He has shown little ability to get his forces to the polls across the country.  He doesn’t even deal with the congressional leadership in his own party, why should we be the ones to offer the olive branch.  I think a long drawn out fight and presidential loss will help us.  I think higher taxes can re-energize the Tea Party Movement.  Instead of looking like a bunch of whipped pups, we need to fight back and draw lines in the sand.

And I cannot see one political reason why going off the  Fiscal Cliff is not in our best party interest.  What let the Democrats raise taxes and bring us to recession again.  Does it hurt our Party to have millions of people wanting tax cuts?  The military is cut.  Does it hurt us as a Party to demonstrate Democratic weakness on Defense, especially when they are losing military bases in their districts.  I hope we still have a Congress where more Democrats will vote to support Defense than Republicans to cater to narrow social issues.  If that is true, lets draw a firm line in the sand.  Explain ourselves as compromising, and then go cliff diving!