Eastern Nebraska Republicans: What are you doing to elect Deb Fischer?

This question is posed to those Nebraska Republicans who always seem to get squishy this time of year.  We are within two weeks of election day.  What are our friends in Douglas County doing to win this Senate seat for the first time in 42 years?  I say this because Deb Fischer will do fine in the western part of the state.  All we need from you is at least a tie.  Can you do that?  Can the Douglas County and Lancaster County Republicans show up and get their people to the polls?

I have been reading polling data that shows the race is getting closer.  That Kerrey is delving deeply into rancid and horrible attacks.  What are we doing to counter that?  Who is going to go door to door to make Fischer a winner on election day?  I hope you all will show up on election day and take a friend with you, because it would be to our everlasting shame if the Nebraska Republican establishment were to ham fist another winnable statewide race.