Where is all the Romney money being spent?

I live in western Nebraska.  As such, I get my television piped in from Denver, CO.  All I see watching the Olympics, or any other network television is Democratic Party and Obama for America ads.  Every once in a while I see an ad for Romney or an RNC sponsored ad.  While the Wall Street Journal and Fox News constantly state that Obama is spending far more than what he is taking in, how’s come all the SuperPacs et. al. aren’t using their resources against Obama?

As I see it in Colorado, a supposedly swing state, the Romney folks are getting carpet bombed by the Democrats.  Further, I have heard nothing of Romney trying to organize the conservative base in Colorado.  Indeed he was there yesterday, but what is the Colorado GOP doing to organize the base to vote?  I know for a fact the Democrats are working flat-out to organize and not just in Denver and Boulder.  I went to Fort Collins, Sterling, Fort Morgan just last week, and in all those places the Democrats were out on the streets holding signs and offering to register voters.

Finally, I understand that Romney has lots of fundraising.  I also understand that he has been (and probably still is) one of our nation’s most successful businessmen.  I think he is far superior to our current president.  However, the lesson for this campaign is we can’t take the money with us.  I think Obama’s camp is trying to create a saturation point where regardless of what ads Romney runs later, they will be of diminished effect because people will simply tune them out.  By waiting to spend his money, he is probably losing the opportunity to bring the case right to the American people, many of whom are sick and tired of no jobs and no hope Obama, but have not gotten a rationale to vote for Romney.

I think Mitt Romney is trying to wait out July and early August, but I think he is missing a key time, especially during the Olympic interlude to demonstrate to those few Americans who don’t have their minds made up why this Administration is bad for America.  I think Obama is out spending Romney 4-1 on television ads right now.  And this is a state, Colorado, where the biggest industries are mining and energy production!  I think a few Solyndra ads would be in order here.  I do not claim to be a political genius.  I do not want to seem to tell the obviously smart people in Boston how to win the White House.  However, it seems to me that the Republican Party and the Romney people are letting themselves get Doled this year in Colorado.  I understood that Dole and McCain did not have lots of money.  Romney and his SuperPacs do not have that issue.  They should be doing what they can to counter this character assassination.  Remember, and attack unanswered is assumed true, and the Obama folks are engaging in an all-fronts offensive in Colorado.  I think it is time for the GOP to fight back and hard.