Here, still, is Romney's problem...

Instead of saying Newt is pandering by pushing policies that would lead to $2.50 gasoline, perhaps he should embrace those policies.  It is not policy plagiarism to use ideas put forward by members of one’s own party.  Especially ones that will resonate with huge swaths of the electorate.

If he were inevitable as he says he is, he would take all the good ideas coming forth from the opponents in the primary and make them his own.  But his campaign just seems to myopic to understand this.

He needs to begin linking the gas price to the new 9.1 unemployment figure.  He needs to link the gas price to the incomprehensible policies of Dr. Chu and the radical environmental lobby in this country.    And he need to do this through a unified Republican policy message.  That is what would happen if he had it all sown up.