Why don't we focus on Gas Prices?

I understand the lack of willingness of the mainstream media to discuss the current spike in energy prices.  They are at the behest of the current administration, and so do not wish to shed light on the fact that Obama and his Energy secretary are proffering policies that are anathema to long-term economic growth.

The question that I feel needs to be asked is:  Why are our candidates and surrogates to the mainstream media getting balled up by the Fluke controversy and not making it clear that we think there are bigger issues.  I saw Rob Portman on Chris Matthews last night, and he deflected it well.  He reminded Chris that gas prices were such that perhaps they ought to cover the abysmal policies of our current administration.

The Democrats and their automatons on MSNBC are grasping at straws.  We need smart surrogates who take the issue back to them.  How about something like this:  “I know you want to hyperventilate about Rush, but I want to talk about the rising cost of food and fuel.  What policy does this President have that will improve either?”  And then the surrogate can answer their own question, which is they only have a policy that will increase both.  That is the compassion of the liberal, make it more expensive to sustain yourself, and then crow about the greatness of the economy.