We need to build new rationales for Romney

I am not a Romney supporter.  However, I do feel he is superior to our current President.  Unfortunately, Mitt Romney has danced around what should be the major issue of this campaign, namely the healthcare issue.  Essentially, with Mitt as the party standard bearer, we will not be able to run effectively against the one “accomplishment” of Obama’s first term.  Since no one in the Romney orbit is able to credibly explain this, I think we need to begin to build the intellectual argument on the right for his election as president.

I do not think this can be a throwaway nomination.  This is not the same as Dole in ’96.  We need to win.  The evidence is made clear by the fact that Obama has been given two nominations to the Supreme Court, and our Second Amendment hangs in the balance, not to mention other points of constitutional law.

Reelecting the President is potentially the worst mistake the country can make. The problem seems in who we are going to nominate.  I know conservatives have severe and appropriate misgivings about Mitt, but we need to get over it. Whining about Romney’s treatment of one candidate or another is not helpful.  Yes he eviscerated Newt in Iowa.  He has done so since to Rick Santorum.  That hardball, and politics ain’t beanbag.  I would prefer either of the two before mentioned options, but we need to begin to understand what is at stake.

That being said, Newt has been the only Republican to offer concrete solutions to our debt and economic mess.  Really, all of Newt’s policies except for his position on Obamacare, can be grafted onto anyone.  Since he is the only person to come up with an energy policy that will lead to jobs, Romney really ought to consider putting Newt on the ticket.  I doubt that will happen, but at least we would add intellectual strength to our ticket.

I don’t think Romney’s pitch of being a good corporate manager is enough to make the sale.  We need someone who will strip the bark off this administrations bad policies, the things Mitt seems incapable of doing.

I know this post seems a tad incoherent.  But I am trying to rationalize why I will support and organize for Mitt in the fall.  I will indeed vote for whomever our nominee is, but for God’s sake we on the right will have to build up a rationale why we need him, because he seems unable to give us one.