In Moe Lane's Words: More evidence of DOOM!

The Democratic leadership in the house just lost a motion to recommit in the House of Representatives. That is big. The House leadership, in order to do anything over the next eight to ten weeks will need control over their majority. They got the motion to restrict porn on government computers, and cut spending in the Science Authorization bill, down to FY 2010 levels. This is big. In reality, this is like a vote of no confidence by Democrats against their own leadership. We now have the momentum and will be able to harry them on things all the rest of this session. HCR was the final straw, and all progressive pieces of legislation are nearly DOA.

They have lost control over their members. We control the debate. This will further destroy the will of the liberals to keep working for the scared Democrats. The Kool-Aid is not tasty any more. We can re-take the House. Now we Red-Staters need to go even more on the offensive. I live in Western Nebraska. I will be going to Eastern Colorado and South Dakota to help re-make them Red States.

In 1994 we won on a motion to recommit on the Crime Bill. We are nearing goal-line here folks. We need to press ourselves over the goal. I’m going to work, we all need to!

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