Why Work?

This is the question I ask to my Democratic friends.  If the government is going to give you healthcare, and make sure that the unemployed don’t have to pay for it, then why would we work for a living?  I mean if I can get healthcare, and some welfare benefits, I’ll quit my job and live off the dole!  That is the reason why European nations have horrendously high unemployment rates.

The Democrats have so besotted our schools with entitlement thinking that this country’s youth have no ambition.  We have just signed our warrant to decline as a nation.  With no one willing to work, but all willing to live off the dole, we’ll be doomed to second rate power status in the next generation.  I mean if keeping healthcare means scrapping an aircraft carrier, what do you think we’ll do?

I hope Republicans hold firm on this, but I’m not holding my breath.  They’ll cave.  They always do.  And electing Mike Castle, Mark Kirk, et. al. won’t help either.  Then Obama will have bi-partisan help in the Senate.  So the only logical step is to use them for everything they are giving.  Why work when work only buttresses the slouches and ne’er do wells?