Who does Jane Hamsher think she is?

Every now and then I meander on the stylings of MSNBC’s prime-time lineup.  Indeed, it is that typical leftwing mish-mash that can sometimes serve to get the blood boiling.  However, recently it has been entertaining because of the Healthcare nightmare the Democrats are foisting upon us.

A few nights ago and again more recently Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake.com made a comment saying the Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas would get a primary if she voted against the HC bill.  I didn’t know there was such a liberal swell in the Democratic Party in the Land of Opportunity.  It seems to me that polling in Arkansas shows clear two-thirds and larger majorities against the bill.  I wonder why Lincoln would worry one second what some spooky lefty blogger thinks?  Who is this liberal who will be voting this way?  I think an elected official who needs to get re-elected in a conservative state would listen to her constituents and to hell with the lefty bloggers. 

Instead of threatening a senator with a primary, maybe the Democrats should have thought of this prior to getting themselves into such an intractable position.  Maybe they could have brought Republicans into the room, started working on bringing Healthcare costs down, and they’d be seen as really capable of governing.  Instead they carp and whine about people they sold to certain constiuencies as conservatives.  But when they want to log-roll the Republicans, and conservatives, they want these people to go back on every campaign pledge.  I think as conservatives we need to send letters of support to senator Lincoln, telling her to stand her ground.