Why is Charlie Crist a pariah? I seriously want to know...

I just want some actual clarification.  I know that he was out in favor of the stimulus, which was a mistake, but he is solidly pro-life and has a good rating from the NRA.  I was thinking about sending money to the race, and I think that Crist is very popular amongst the people needed to win the general election.  I know that Rubio is a good man too, but I would like to back a winner. 

I understand the stimulus support and embrace of the president to be a faux pas, but I think he has been solid in other areas.  I know the editors of this site really support Rubio, and I don’t know much about him.  So as of now I will likely give to Crist, because he has an actual statewide electoral record. 

I don’t think Crist is as bad as Scozzafava.  Can someone shed a little more light on this subject for me?