The Victim Ethic and waterboarding...

It seems odd to me that the Obama administration, or any administration, would balk at using a non-lethal method of getting information from suspected terrorists.  Yet, for some odd reason, that is what is happening.

We know, based on reporting, that waterboarding worked to get information on a large scale terrorist attack on Los Angeles and the Brooklyn Bridge. Yet the left is willing to say that what we did was immoral. I guess that must be the Victim ethic of the left.

For years the left has been trying to get people to be victims. So, it should be no surprise that they think the moral high ground is in being the victim of a terrorist attack instead of working all-out to prevent it from happening. No one here supports torture in the abstract; but in the case of Waterboarding, we have evidence of its working to prevent attacks by Al-Qaeda.

For liberals, they would rather see Americans die in order to be “morally superior” than Al-Qaeda. No longer is western civilization of its own accord superior to Islamist savages. We wonder why there is a feeling of The Death of the West.