Pay-go A way to connect to moderates

I know this post will probably get me a bunch of hate mail on this site.  And I myself think it is used mostly as a stunt.  But I do think that insistance on hard pay-go rules this session of congress has the ability to fork apart the so-called “Blue Dogs” from the rest of the left of the Democratic party in the congress.

I favor supply-side tax cuts in any year that the Republican party is in control in Washington. I think that tax cuts followed by responsible spending priorities are what will save us economically. But as I have said before, we have a monster building in Washington. Part of the deal is we aren’t articulating a plan that the “Blue Dogs” could support. So, I suggest that we attack that problem by offering them something that they claim to want. If we could get a Pay-go point of order against all new spending measures, we at least would force the Democrats to support open ended tax increases, which is what they avoid by running up spending and then passing on un-godly amounts of debt.

Moderates, by definition, think that the Republicans are to blame for this current mess. I dont think this is true, but that is the way it is. And Democrats are capitalizing on this by stating that we aren’t offering anything new. So, we should call their bluff, and make them vote against something they have supported, Pay-go. I think hoisting the opposite side by their own petard should be part of what we want to do.

We will fork the “Blue-Dogs” and the Republicans will then be seen as the reformers. Even if it was a joke, at least then we’d have another point to raise against the Democrats’ corruption. Conservatives need to think outside the box. Our leaders in congress need to do the same thing. We need to be imaginitive with our positions to make the Democrats reel a bit. Right now, they just say same-old same-old, and we lose the country. Let’s think outside the box. They are not popular, but Republicans rate even lower because we are perceived as offering nothing. So let’s go out and offer the traditional policies with new ideas and attack the Democrats as the clones of the 60’s and 70’s which is what they are.

Have at me! I know paygo is not popular on this site, but it is a way to ridicule the Dems. I’d like to see more of that from our side!