A thought for Rush and we fellow Conservatives...

Why Not have another Rush to Excellence Tour across America?  I remember being really young when Rush first went on his tour after his first book, and the crowds were electric.  I think most people right now are flummoxed with the current state of the country.  They see the attack on the producers and people with productive jobs as an insult.  I think a lot of those independents, if they were so gullible, could just as easily be won over to our side by pointing out the facts of our current situation.  No one does that better than Rush himself.

Maybe we could get a cooperative deal going here.  Rush, Hannity, Levin, etc.  could appear all over the country at rallies.  I think part of our problem in winning in so-called liberal areas of the country is that conservatives are so beaten down by the left that we don’t want to speak.  It’s not fun being ostracized and ridiculed.  But, if Rush et. al. help buck up our remaining conservatives, we might just convince a few of the squishy moderates.  The positive and negative of the moderate is that they don’t know what they believe.  We need to remember that in 1994 they decidedly went GOP.  We can get that again, if we use Rush and the rest of the radio bunch to our real advantage.

I don’t know if Rush reads what we write on our blog.  And I know that he has a life to live outside of his radio program and traveling to far flung regions of the country to buck up the forlorn conservative, but maybe this is the time to come out.  I know Hannity travels quite a bit.  Levin stays put a lot.  We need the conservatives in the new media, which includes us on RedState, to take the lead.  Our weak-kneed representatives will only get a spine when we get one!  That means saying what we think and mean in public, even at NEA leadership meetings (which I happily do!).  I think Rush can inspire whole new legions of conservatives to speak up and speak out.  He’s not a messiah, he’s not a miracle worker, he just knows, better than most, what makes this nation great.

If Rush would re-create the Rush to Excellence tour, he’d get tons of coverage in the local media where he was speaking.  Most of the moderates, who pay their mortgages on time, think the government is wasting way too much money, and think that there are better ways to reform health care than having a new massive bureaucratic  “solution”,  will  come back around.  It’s not just Rush, but all of us.  I mean he was right, most people live their lives as conservatives.  We need to forge that connection again, and then the administration will be flailing, just like Clinton in 1993-1994.

Anyway, that is my thought.  I’d go to a Rush to Excellence in Colorado Springs or Denver at any time.