Republicans need to offer a real alternative.

As we sit here, we see that the Senate Democrats are preparing to pass a “stimulus” bill.  They are giving bare minimum concessions to the so-called fiscal conservatives in their own party, and passing a socialist revision of the American way of life.  The Republicans have been smart attacking the more egregious parts of the bill, but have been less forthright in offering a true alternative that the president will sign. 

The president has been AWOL only in public.  In private, his people working hard on this.  They have stated publicly that they would accept a smaller, leaner bill.  Why not offer that, and publicly?  Have Steele go on Sunday Shows, or better yet, our Senate Leaders and offer a real alternative.  That alternative would be an elimination of all social spending in the bill and a doubling of infrastructure spending.  The bill would then create jobs, and would help rebuild roads and bridges.  Part of the bill would also fast-track infrastructure projects where they are most needed, allowing the money to be put to good use.  We could put the tax measures on the bill and it would still be at around $500 billion, which is way less than the current boondoggle.  I think the GOP in the country would win major points.  I think that Obama would have to sign it, and I think the liberals would kill it, so we would have something to run on in 2010. 

Let’s keep in mind that our Goal in the minority is to make the Democrats and the Administration pay for each and every one of their gaffes.  We also need to split the Democrats as often as we can.  A common sense alternative like this would achieve both goals.  Republicans need to think strategically again.  This can be the first plank in a new Contract with America.