Where's the fighting spirit?

I hope Obama’s targeting of Rush will make Republicans stiffen their collective spine.  At this point from reading the RedState blogs and posts, I have come to the conclusion that the majority of people that pay attention to the political system are so beleaguered by the current state of affairs that they would enjoy just a little fight from the party right now.

I hear a little grumbling about McConnell and Boehner right now.  The thing they can do most to help themselves as leaders is to fight the Democrats tooth and nail.  No, not every Republican will vote with the party, likewise not every Democrat will be with the “The One” either.  But we can make it harder if we come forward with an actual plan, and offer substitute amendments.  I think our two leaders in the congress will help themselves immeasurably by standing firm on principle and rallying the base to the party.  We need to get back to that model. 

Whatever you all say about Tom DeLay and Newt, they both knew how to take it to the Democrats.  I think the American people would like to see bi-partisanship, but I also think the American people want choices as well.  Without a Republican in the White House to protect, Republican congressmen and Senators need to fight as hard as they can to fire up the base.  That means attacks on the pro-life side as well as the “stimulus”.  Conservatives just want someone to stand on their principles.  For all the naysayers who claim we need to get along with the President, I say fooey!  When was the last time the Washington Post or New York Times looked out for the good of the Republican conference in congress?

Come on guys, fight them a bit.  Standing there and caving in will not get you a majority.  It’s that position that cost us 40 years in the wilderness.  We need to press the Democrats on social and economic issues.  We already know what we believe, now let’s act on it!

I am sorry if I sound awful preachy, but I don’t like the press clippings coming forth from our side.  We need to stay active and get them to see the light.  They need to make a stand, and earlier rather than later.  Some say that you need to be smart when you pick a hill to die on.  Rather, I think we need to pick lots of hills and then the true conservatives will once again work for the GOP.  They should be embracing us, not sending us away!