Republican leaders should listen to Rush!

I was taken aback that the new president had the gall to bring Rush into the argument over the “Stimulus Plan” with Republican leaders.  I think they would be better off listening to Rush than Obama.  I mean, how many more of the so-called moderate Republicans are left to help Obama?  Not that many.  We should really fight him tooth and nail. 

He wants a bunch of jelly-legged Republicans to give imprimatur to his foolish plan.  So then the 40-50 Blue-Dogs can vote no, and save their behinds in 2010.  We need to offer him no such succor.  If he wants to be dictator, he can do it as a Democratic only policy.  When the Blue Dogs start jumping ship, he can try pass it with the liberals only.  The plan will indeed fail.  At that point, we have a rallying cry for 2010.  Yes, we should work together, but that does not mean that we give up our principles to do so.

Republicans, the conservatives we have left, should vigorously tell Obama that he can pass his socialistic anti-American plan on his own within the Democratic Party.  We either get some real concessions, or he has to do it by himself. 

Besides, all Rush does is make satire over the new president.  I really feel the Democrats want a president that cannot be the focus of satirical commenary.  Republicans should not be afraid but agressive.  I have said that we need a new Newt to come forth, we need a new DeLay in congress to help stiffen our backbones.

We will be back on the road to recovery if we listen to Rush and put principles first.  I mean all the business people that gave bucket loads of money to the Democrats will re-think when the employee free choice act comes forth.  We will have the money, and if we have the resolve the next two years to weather the storm, we will once again be able to find credible candidates for office.

Stick to your guns, and Rush, thanks for being the last man standing.