Are we going to have an opposition?

I hope we have a solid opposition in congress.  The conservative movement is not dead.  We are here in spades in the blogosphere, but we are not out in the public.  The education system in this country has lost its ability to create informed citizens.  We are going to lose our ability to have individual freedom in this country if we don’t fight them. 

The Democrats have no plan.  We need to stand in the way as much as possible.  I think we need to pull a 1993 and refuse to cooperate as much as possible.  Make this the Democrats’ recession.  Make this the Democrats’ failure.

Conservatives need to point out once again that government is not the maker of a great nation.  That the culture of the people makes the nation great.  The administration will not affirm this, and I fear that without a Jesse Helms or a Phil Gramm in the senate, or a Newt or DeLay in the House, we will blithely let the Democrats have the so-called bi-partisanship.

We need to stiffen the Republican spine.  Let’s get to work. Then we can have the joy of an election day in the future.