I think Obama has all the characteristics

of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, the bad ones.

You mean to tell me that the greatest transition team in modern memory would not understand that their nominee for Treasury Sectretary had not paid any taxes?  And for the press to sit there and allow this man to skate by with a “eh, it’s just an oversight?” is appalling.  We need to beat this drumbeat as often as possible.

The stimulus seems to be geared to send us back to 1977-1981 when we had out of control inflation and intrest rates soared.  It was also the last time that unemployment hit 10%.  I suppose Bush will take the fall for the first six months or so, but we must make this Obama’s as soon as possible. 

As an aside, I noticed that Obama went to George Will’s house and had an off-the-record dinner with some of the “right”.  Now I give him credit for meeting with some of my favorite people in the right wing sphere, namely Larry Kudlow, but I hope they don’t lay off his horrendous policy choices.  Just because Obama meets with our people does not mean he will enact a restrained conservative policy alternative, or even give credence to such views.  He is the president, and I hope we are a bit more classy and respectful than the left over the previous eight years, but we cannot lose sight of the fact that what Obama and the Democrats want to do will destroy America as we know it.  I hope our columnists and “thinkers” on the right don’t fall for the “He acknowledged us!” meme and go light on Obama and his administration.